Dear Friends and Patrons,

Unfortunately, after careful consideration, the decision has been made to close the doors at DIY Rifle’s shop and manufacturing facilities.

If you have been in the shop recently you’ve undoubtedly noticed a lack of inventory on the shelves over the past several months as looming political uncertainties and renewed concerns of gun control following the election have pushed the demand for firearms as well as parts and accessories to unprecedented levels. All the while, industry giants have been purchasing many of these parts and accessories faster than they can be manufactured, leaving small operations like ours struggling to secure the inventory necessary to build rifles.

DIY Rifle has built our reputation on providing top quality parts and building only the best rifles we can while never compromising quality for the sake of cost or availability. The firearms, parts, and accessories you have purchased through us will give you many years of reliable service and we will continue to stand behind them.

While the shop will be closing, DIY Rifle will continue its presence online via the website and social media. You will still be able to reach us at the same phone number and email address.

We can’t begin to thank each and every one of you enough. Your support, patronage, and encouragement over the past two years has truly helped make the business what it is today, and make no mistake, DIY Rifle has been a success!

Thank you,
The team at DIY Rifle, LLC

August 10th, 2016


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